Our Missionaries


Jeff dixon


Jeff has served with Cornerstone International in China since 2007 and is now serving in Cambodia.

It was in China that Christ again revealed Himself to Jeff through students who were part of a Christian scholarship program. From that time on, Jeff brought God’s love and truth to the Chinese people by serving the poor, supplying educational needs, food, clothes and medical needs for kids. He also operated underground Bible studies and fellowships. Jeff lived alone in the countryside for 7 years operating a small farm to get to know the local people and provide a place for local evangelists to preach and share the Gospel.

In the summer of 2017, God released Jeff from China and called him to Cambodia to help the Jordan at Jericho Foundation build a large organic farm. Lord willing, the farm will have a church, youth ministry, sports ministry, conference center, retreat center, medical center and missionary housing. He is also supporting a local, countryside pastor and church, helping another American missionary in ministry, and supporting two local seminary students.

Jeff says, “If God puts it on your heart, we can partner together so that you, too, can bring His love and truth to the people of Cambodia!”