Intercessory Missionaries are those who participate in the kingdom primarily from the place of prayer and worship, while embracing a missionary lifestyle and focus.

Laura’s journey with God began with a personal encounter at age 10 that created a longing for more intimacy with God. She married her high-school sweetheart at 19 and has two amazing, delightful daughters and four wonderful grandchildren.

Laura received her undergraduate degree from The University of Texas and graduate degree from The University of Kentucky. She devoted 21 years to community mental health which seemed a perfect fit and a permanent position. God had other plans.

In 2011, God spoke clearly that Laura was to retire, an unanticipated challenge to a mostly settled life. Through divine orchestration, she became a member of the Cornerstone family and began serving there as an intercessory missionary and prayer counselor.

In March 2017, God revealed a new direction and birthed “Open Door Prayer Ministry”. Currently, Laura is a part-time, intercessory prayer missionary at Sanctuary and full-time at the new “Open Door” office just two doors down. God is not finished yet, so even though Laura would like to think that things will settle down, that likely is not His plan.

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Micah longed, his whole life, to find one thing that fascinated him, something to which to give his life. Though he searched in many places, he only found this one thing once he tasted and saw God for who He really is.
After high-school, Micah interned at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City and gave himself to seeking God for six months. During those months, God revealed Himself in ways Micah had never experienced, transforming him and shaping the way he viewed God.
God has called him to and trained him in the place of prayer and worship at Sanctuary House of Prayer since 2008. Micah says, “God is worthy of all of me and I am glad to spend my life worshiping and pursuing Him.”

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