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Brenden and becca Miller


Before Brenden and Becca married in 2007, they both had independent dreams to live among other cultures. In the years before this happened, Brenden received his Political Science degree, was a tradesman and tile-setter, worked with troubled youth, and eventually was a primary support for refugees resettling to America. Becca cared for abused and neglected youth for many years before receiving a Masters in Social Work, which led to….more work with vulnerable families and youth in need of support and encouragement.

They moved to Southeast Asia in 2015 where they live with their three children, Maja, Emerson, and Jude. They are currently based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where they have worked in the area of emergency relief and sustainable development for neighboring country Myanmar (aka: Burma), a country making efforts to rebuild after 60+ years of civil war. They learned over time that investing in people and communities “off-site” was not where their passion was: they love hosting people in their home, building meaningful relationships across cultures, and investing in the growth of their local neighborhoods and communities. To this end, they looked for opportunities to move into Myanmar full-time.

In early 2020, the Miller family will be moving to Shan State, Northern Myanmar, to join a team running an adventure tourism business, creating jobs and economic development in a part of the country with limited opportunities. The Millers have no shortage of ideas for how to invest in and partner with the local community in order to see holistic transformation of heart, soul, mind, and body, all the while acknowledging that their own lives are transformed by living in friendship and interdependence with these communities.