What We Do

God has called you to the nations and we at Cornerstone want to help you get there in a way that honors God and you as a cross-cultural missionary.

Through pre-field training, ongoing debriefing, spiritual formation, support raising solutions, and communications management, CI is ready to help you start the process, sustain you on the field and stand with you through the journey God is taking you. Here are a few of the ways that CI helps prepare, equip, and support you for your cross-cultural work overseas:

Decision Support

from interviews and assessments to commissioning

Hands-On Training

from practical ministry skills to healing prayer

Logistical Support

from travel details and immunizations to insurance


from goal setting to ministry assessment

Financial Administration

From budgeting and payroll to IRS compliance

Communications Support

From newsletters and fundraising to donor receipting​

Prayer Support

From daily intercession to pastoral care

Re-entry Support

From cultural re-adjustment to counseling