Will you hold the Rope?

The Great Commission is not meant
to be done alone.

"I will go down into the pit, if you will hold the rope.”

—William Carey, missionary to India from 1793-1834

Before William Carey left England for India in 1793, he spent time preaching in churches that the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) is a binding command on every generation of Christians. At that time, most people believed that cross-cultural mission work applied only to the original twelve disciples. Because of his work, one of the first evangelical missionary societies in the world was formed and hundreds of others were inspired to further cross-cultural missions.

Many people have heard of William Carey, but far fewer have heard of his good friend Andrew Fuller. Like Carey, Fuller also came to believe that every Christian was commanded to spread the gospel. Some are supposed to go to the ends of the earth and some are called to support.

Before leaving for India in 1793, Carey famously told Fuller, “I will go down into the pit, if you will hold the rope.” Fuller held the rope by traveling the British Isles, raising funds and preaching missions-related sermons. Missionaries could concentrate on their ministry in the field because they knew Fuller was advocating for them back home.

Will you join us?

Cornerstone International has been investing in, sending, and covering cross-cultural teams since 1972. We are the backend support team for nearly 50 missionaries globally with footprints in over 20 nations.

When you invest in CI, you are directly impacting the world.

  • You think about the highest impact your investment can make both eternally and practically—you want your donation dollars to be used wisely.
  • You want to invest in high caliber people who are focused, determined, and dedicated.
  • You’re the kind of person who believes everyone should have an opportunity to hear the Good News at least once in their life.

We need you!

We believe in helping people go to the nations in a healthy, sustainable way that includes ongoing debriefing and helping each mission worker develop a support team, both in prayer and finances. We do this by recruiting well, so we can send well, and they’re cared for well.

Your donation will support:

  1. The crucial support systems that allow teams to focus solely on their mission work.
  2. Mission workers staying healthy emotionally, relationally, spiritually and physically. This investment goes toward vital “member care” ensuring people prepare well, work well, and return well.
  3. Trainings where we engage our teams with practical insights, resources, and strategies to effectively reach the nations.

Please join us in this important work of holding the rope and empowering our teams globally to stay focused on the mission.

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Whats God Calling You To?

If you’re thinking of becoming a global worker to bring the love of Christ to those in need… if you want to train future leaders in disciple-making principles… if you’re ready to minister to a community overseas that needs to hear the gospel… we’re ready for you. Prayerfully consider our current opportunities!