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Ana V


Amanda Samrani, a registered nurse and a believer since 2003, is the Founder and Director of Wings of Healing-Community Health & Development (WoH-CHD) in East Africa. WoH-CHD is working alongside the South Sudanese and Ugandans to restore lives using Biblical principles as their guide while bringing training and skills to those in need.

Some areas of Ministry are Community Health Evangelism (CHE) lessons, health lessons, Child Evangelism Fellowship worker training, training youth workers in Leadership training and other healthy living principles.

WoH-CHD has implemented Farming God’s Way trainings for the refugee and local populations to help increase food security and for those living on almost nothing.

WoH-CHD loves to work with children in the area of CHE lessons, discipleship, sports programs and school scholarships. They hold the future in their hands!!

Join Wings of Healing to bring the Gospel of Peace and healthy living principles to those in need.

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