Get Involved

At Cornerstone International, God has given us a special task: to train, equip, send and cover those who are called to cross-cultural missions. We take this very seriously, but we can’t do it on our own. If mission workers are the heart of our organization, your prayers and support are our lifeblood.

5 Ways You Can Get Involved with Cornerstone International

Here are five key ways that you can partner with us at Cornerstone International to bring the light of Christ into dark places around the globe:


We don’t just want your prayers, we need them. We firmly believe that prayer is a critical part of missions. If we hope and expect for God to work through us, we must be listening to Him and also actively communicating with Him. We have a house of prayer and worship that is connected to our sending agency. As a team, we pray for each of our global workers every Thursday at 9:30 a.m. We would love for you to join us in prayer from your location at that time (and certainly at any other time!). We need prayer warriors.

give financially

Your financial support allows us to say YES to critical opportunities to prepare (and continually care for) our mission workers and to invest in ministries across the world. Our operations, our systems, our global workers, and our staff at home are safer, more effective, and ultimately more impactful because of your gifts. We are deeply grateful for your contributions and commitment to the work of the Kingdom.

Personally connect with our mission workers around the world.

Our mission workers are far from home, facing many challenges and learning to adapt to changing environments. They experience common struggles and the need for inspiration, just as we do. Your encouraging words and prayers are a life-giving force for them. We would love for you to personally connect with our missionaries to check on them, let them know you’re praying for them, and otherwise strengthen their spirits as they minister in the places where they’ve been called.

Join our email list

We send regular updates from our team via email. This is the best way to stay up-to-date and learn about how you can continue to be involved in God’s work through Cornerstone around the world. We love featuring stories of God’s work and sending messages of hope to our community! Simply enter your name and email address below to receive our newsletter:

    Join us on social media

    Finally, please join us on Facebook and Instagram to see what’s new and keep up with stories from the field! It’s easy: Connect with us on Facebook and on Instagram @cimissions. We are passionate about sharing incredible stories about what God is doing as well as inspiring and encouraging those who follow us. We would be thrilled to welcome you into our online community.

    How much does it matter that you're involved?

    When you’re a world away from our mission workers, it can be hard to discern the daily impact of your prayers and giving. You may pray today and wonder, “Does it make a difference?” You may provide financial support and think, “What was this used for? Am I doing Kingdom work, too?”

    It is incredibly clear to our team, but for you, our supporters, it bears repeating: What we do would not be possible without you. God hears your petitions and requests. He sees how you are responding to the needs of those who are desperate for the gospel. He is fulfilling His divine purposes each and every day through all of us.

    God is using you to bring light into dark places

    We have missionaries in over 15 countries that are empowering, mentoring, training, and even launching business ventures all to reach people with the hope of Christ. God is using our team, and your prayers and support to bring light into realms of darkness. And we’re seeing incredible stories like lives being holistically restored throughout the largest refugee camp in the world, students learning and growing in Central America, and churches being planted across Asia (just to name a few)!

    So let us say it again: What we do would not be possible without you.

    God is doing incredible things across the globe, and our job is to faithfully steward our missionaries so that they are healthy and equipped to go to places in need of His Word. You are an instrumental part of the Kingdom work that God has set before us all to do, to His infinite glory.

    On behalf of our home team and global workers, THANK YOU! We are deeply thankful for your prayers and support and look forward to connecting with you!