Staff & Board

Our hard-working staff and board are second-to-none. We are a team dedicated to helping missionaries thrive so that God is glorified in every place we minister. If our hope is to bring light into dark places, our focus must be to fan the flames of each person’s spirit and to prepare them to shine brightly. Your prayers and support are the fuel that make this possible. If you have questions about joining our team, partnering with us as a missionary, or anything related to supporting our mission workers, please get in touch with us today.

Board Members

  • Board Chairman: Jeff Henderson, Wilmore, KY
  • Vice-Chairman: Ray Smith, Wilmore, KY
  • Treasurer: Brent Rempe, Nicholasville, KY
  • Secretary: Stephanie Smith, Wilmore, KY
  • Suzanne Jones, Wilmore, KY
  • Jo McKenzie, Wilmore, KY
  • Duane Jones, Wilmore, KY
  • Rhonda Sigler, Dothan, AL
  • Ilya Okhotnikov, Lake Charles, LA
  • Craig Garrison, Tulsa, OK

Home Staff

  • Craig Garrison – President, Tulsa, OK
  • Suzanne Jones – COO, Wilmore, KY
  • Carla Richardson – Senior Admin & Finance, Wilmore, KY
  • Hal Hamilton – Director of Mobilization, Tulsa, OK
  • Jackie Signaigo – Administrative Support, Wilmore, KY
  • Riley Sigler – Communications Director, Wilmore, KY
  • Raymond Jones – IT & Project Manager, Nicholasville, KY
  • Tim B. – Entrepreneur in Residence, Tulsa, OK
  • Karen B. – Creative Director, Tulsa, OK
  • Sharon Rempe – Administrative Support
  • Laura Allen – TCK Specialist
  • Dr. Dan Lancaster – Director of Coaching
  • Stephanie Smith – Membercare Specialist