We specialize in mobilizing and preparing those who are called so they can get to the mission field ready to impact the world with the hope of Jesus Christ.

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    Does the leadership of your church support your application and your plan to move and serve overseas?




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    Attend CI orientation
    Attend cross-cultural missions training
    Attend fundraising training
    Attend Crosstraining at CI mission base in Wilmore, KY
    Complete a Birkman Personality Profile
    Complete a background check
    Interview with Candidate Committee
    Satisfy personal costs related to preparation, such as, a background check, a Birkman Personality Profile, acquiring a passport/visa and health/immunizations, registration for additional training, etc.
    Provide Field Invitation
    Be accountable to the CI president in determining departure times and dates
    Raise the required funds and see that they are deposited in my Cornerstone fund prior to departure
    Abide by the rules & regulations of Cornerstone International

    I, the applicant named above, warrant the truthfulness of the information provided in this application.
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