Our Missionaries


Christine (Bell) and Calix Maradiaga


Christine came to Loma de Luz for the first time in the summer of 2005 to work in the hospital lab and fell in love with the Honduran people. After several more trips, she moved to Honduras in January of 2010. Christine went to Hospital Loma de Luz to become the Laboratory Supervisor and oversee test analysis, personnel, equipment, training, etc. Since she has been there, the hospital has made many more valuable tests available to the doctors for the benefit of the local patients. She has learned X-ray through on-the-field training to be a more valuable resource to the hospital in emergency situations. Christine met her husband, Calix, while working at the hospital and they were married in 2015. In 2016, baby Samantha was born into their family, followed by Lucas David in May 2019, and their most recent addition is baby Levi, born March 2021. Christine and Calix are involved in leadership of a local church where they teach and disciple children, youth and adults. They take joy in teaching Sunday School together for children 7-11 years old. Calix leads a discipleship class with teenage boys at a local boys’ home who were rescued from the streets.

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