Our Missionaries


Lauren and kevin sanchez


Lauren is serving in Jocotenango, Guatemala and teaches English and computers to 7th, 8th and 9th graders at Escuela Integrada (EI). EI is a school that provides a free education to 175 impoverished and economically challenged children in the surrounding area. Education in Guatemala is not free, and most schools only offer the bare minimum. At EI, the children receive two nutritious meals a day and have two on-site psychologists, access to basic health care, empowerment and tutoring programs and many extracurricular activities. Lauren also began and oversees four new programs: Honor’s Club, English reinforcement classes, one-on-one elementary tutoring and the girls’ soccer team.

Outside of school, Lauren and her husband, Kevin, are most passionate about connecting with kids on a personal level and helping set them up for happy, successful lives through teaching faith, sports, community, health, financial guidance, instructions for relationships, conflict resolution, etc. To implement these themes, they encourage the kids in various activities such as extra English classes, Bible studies, community meals, swimming, soccer, cooking and baking classes, homework and study sessions, life skills training, etc. The children at EI are smart, sweet, driven, virtuous kids, but have extreme odds working against them. Abuse, neglect, single-parent or no-parent homes, malnutrition, discrimination, sickness and lack of opportunity are some of the challenges these children struggle with every day.