Who We Are

Cornerstone International

We love Christ because He first loved us, and we share His love for the nations. Cornerstone International (CI) is a missions organization focused on covering the called, equipping global workers and raising up leaders in communities around the globe to continue the work of the Kingdom.

Missions is a high calling, but many people labor under the misconception that it is “glamorous,” or something ideally Christian. And while obeying the call to go out into the world to make disciples is admirable, we know the true cost of missions. It is a hard, serious lifestyle full of challenges and unforeseen obstacles, from physical and emotional to cultural and legal. If we are to reach people both near and far who desperately need the gospel of Christ, we must prepare those who go in a number of ways — and rally supporters who will commit to prayer and diligent giving. That is what CI exists to do. 

Since 1972, we have sent more than 150 cross-cultural missionaries to 32 countries to serve in a myriad of ways including church planting, medical missions, disciple-making, care for HIV/Aids children, relief work, community development, Biblical teaching and translation, youth work, water projects, and evangelism, to name just a few.

At Cornerstone International, mission workers ARE our mission.

If our mission workers are not healthy, trained, and cared for, our missions efforts will fall short and likewise be unhealthy. Jesus prepared His disciples for the road ahead of them, teaching them faithfully, leading by example, and setting their expectations for how the world would respond. At CI, we follow His lead and make every effort to train and sustain our global workers so that the Gospel is clearly seen, taught, and demonstrated in their lives. We provide resources, counseling, and accountability to ensure that our missionaries are healthy when they are sent out and that they are cared for as they face the difficult challenges cross-cultural missions presents. 

Not only that, but also we are committed to sustainable missions practices, having a holistic approach toward ministry with an exit plan in mind. We are dedicated to raising up and training local leaders to continue growing the ministries that we invest in. We work to create ownership among the people we reach so they are empowered to fulfill their own calling in Christ, reaching their own communities and others for the Kingdom. All of our mission workers partner with either nationals or other leaders on the ground in their country of service, which allows them to responsibly hand off their ministry to others when departing.

We exist to train, equip, send, and cover those who are called to cross-cultural missions.

Cl helps missionaries define their unique calling in a community of prayer and worship. We want to invest in believers who are in love with Jesus and become great workers for the Harvest. We also partner with sending churches, educating and encouraging the body of believers about our mission workers’  needs and the best way to pray for and support them.

How We Got Started

Cornerstone International (CI) was founded in 1972 by a missionary family serving in Italy. They returned home to Wilmore, Kentucky, and organized a missions sending agency. The ministry in Italy continued, and missionaries were sent to other nations in Europe, including Germany and France.

In July 1995, Duane Jones became the Executive Director for Cornerstone. He oversaw the growth of the organization for twenty-one years, including the commissioning of a house of prayer in 2003 so that the ministry of CI would be fueled by worship and intercession. The board commissioned Jo McKenzie as an Intercessory Missionary and the Director of the house of prayer, which eventually moved to a location downtown and became known as Sanctuary. After Duane Jones stepped down, Craig Garrison became the president of CI in January 2017. He and his wife Kara had been CI missionaries to Southeast Asia for fifteen years. 

We are the organization we are today because God has been faithful to lead and guide us. We are responsible to steward the people and resources he has given us, and our work continues under His leadership now and always. We hope that you will join us as we train, equip, send, and cover those who are called to cross-cultural missions around the world.

What Is God Calling You To?

If you’re thinking of becoming a global worker to bring the love of Christ to those in need… if you want to train future leaders in disciple-making principles… if you’re ready to minister to a community overseas that needs to hear the gospel… we’re ready for you. Prayerfully consider our current opportunities!

If you are interested in supporting our work, we have a number of ways that you can get involved. Your prayers and gifts are absolutely essential to the work we’re doing, and we would love for you to personally connect with our mission teams. 






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